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Elsie Clews Parsons: "Feminism And Conventionality" Background 1. from Women in Public Life (1914) 2. 1875-1941 3. cultural anthropologist, president of AAA Themes ° raises questions about impact of restriction of women to private/home sphere ° suggests women “closer to life” than men ° thematizes “difference” per se and its role in social dynamics ° argues from cross-cultural evidence Argument 1. Greeley quote: women never free or equal so long as it’s felt she needs an escort, etc. Women have won lots of rights (19teens) but reforms lack effect if oppressive conventionalities remain 2. Risk of being alone associated with women in many cultures 3. Women’s place focuses on family circle, home, familiar. Women encouraged to be averse to the strange, exotic, unfamiliar and so are marked with less ability to “socialize” and be “hospitable.” BUT in the home they have to put up with all manner of strangeness and they “cannot get away, like me, from their children or their parents” and have to make the best of it
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