For Marx - Some of the worst production jobs (;physically...

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For Marx, the problems of capitalism created class conflict between owners/employers (the whole bourgeoisie) and workers. Marx called this class conflict "class struggle." He got the idea from Giambattista Vico (remember?). According to Marx, class struggle would lead to a workers? revolution that would bring down the capitalist system. But Marx's prediction has not occurred. Why was Marx wrong? Social systems may take many hundreds of years to transform. In many countries captialism created a relatively prosperous and stable middle-class of employees dependent on the system.
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Unformatted text preview: Some of the worst production jobs (;physically difficult and harmful and low-paying) have been sent abroad to peripheral countries. Many foreign workers do menial, low-paying work in advanced capitalist countries. Democratic governments created welfare programs (unemployment income, retirement support, minimum wage, etc.) to lessen workers' problems Strong ideology prevails in support of capitalism, and capitalism is equated with nationalism (which says that to be against capitalism is to be a traitor to your country)...
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For Marx - Some of the worst production jobs (;physically...

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