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Functions of Culture - context within which they appear...

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Functions of Culture: a) It enables us to communicate with other through language . b) It makes it possible to anticipate how others in our society are likely to respond to our actions. c) Culture gives us standards for distinguishing between what is right and wrong (norms), beautiful and urgly (values), reasonable and unreasonable. d) Culture provides methods for training children to behave (socializaton) in certain ways generally considered appropriate in society. e) Culture provides the knowledge and skill necessary for meeting sustenance needs. Culture Relativism - every culture must be "judged"by its own cultural in criteria because standard of right and wrong and good and bad are relative to the cultural
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Unformatted text preview: context within which they appear. Ethical Absolutism- is the belief that there exist universal circumstances that are always good and always bad for human beings. Subculture - A small within a larger culture. Subcultures share in the dominant culture but also have a unique na distinctive set of attitudes, values, and behaviors that differ in varying degrees fromt the "dominant" culture and from other subcultures within the culture. Examples of Subcultures in the U.S: a) Regional - i.e. South, North, East, West,Midwwest. b) Occupational - i.e. Truck Drivers, Farmers, Lawyer. c) Age - i.e. Youth, Senior Citizens. d) Homosexuals (Gay.) d) Social Class - i.e. Middle Class, Poor, Rich....
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