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Groups and Social Interaction

Groups and Social Interaction - •"Face...

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Groups and Social Interaction Social Interaction---a person's actions is influenced by the actions of others or by an awareness of others Ethnomethodology-Harold Garfinkel: a large number of unspoken and often unconscious rules exist and structure social behavior "definition of a situation"-W.I. Thomas; developing an idea of what a certain social situation is about and using this interpretation as the framework for future interaction The Microsociology of Erving Goffman Frontstage and backstage behavioral arenas-public vs. private interaction Presentation of self-"Impression management"; attempts to control the impression we make on others The use of "deniable communications" to hint and experiment with roles you take in a situation Everyone has a stake in maintaining a stable encounter
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Unformatted text preview: • "Face work"-working to "save face" for all • "Civil inattention" is expected courtesies of inattention to ease and embarrassing moment. Networks and Groups • network-a "web or relations" that connects people; the individuals of a network may be related or have a common membership and pursuit • Primary group-small group, close up(face to face), warm, and emotional • Secondary group-limited relationship based on segmented roles, instrumental, not emotional resource • Reference group-groups that we use to evaluate ourselves or to decide how to act in a situation • Peer group-group that shares similar characteristics; appear to be especially significant in earlier years....
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Groups and Social Interaction - •"Face...

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