I - IV. Social research terms: • quantitative vs....

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I. Development of sociology Sociology is a social science because it conducts research. Sociology develops in the late 1700s and early 1800s with a concern on moral decline in the context of a great social transformation--the industrial revolution and urbanization (factory cities) Sociology's development was part of the development of science and modernism Social science has intellectual precursors--e.g., Giambattista Vico (1600s-1700s) and his book, The New Science o since God created nature, he alone can explain it o since humankind created society, humankind can explain it II. Scientific Method theory ---> hypotheses ---> research design ---> data gathering ---> data coding/entering ----> analysis---> empirical generalizations ---> theory III. Another approach: grounded theory data gathering ---> theory
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Social research terms: • quantitative vs. qualitative • variables (empirical; dependent and independent) • operationalization (from concepts to variables) • cross-sectional study • longitudinal study • exploratory research • historical study • survey • sample • random sample • experimental and control groups • research instrument (questionnaire, interview schedule) • database/dataset • field research (ethnography) • participant observation • informants (not informers) V. Research and Theoretical • Perspectives • Symbolic Interaction • Functionalism • Conflict Theory • Conflict vs. Order Perspective VI. Critics of Science • Postmodern perspective • Paul Feyeraband--Against Method and Farewell to Reason...
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I - IV. Social research terms: • quantitative vs....

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