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Key Problems of this Theory : There are three central problems with conflict theory -- (1) It has difficulty explaining the more orderly and stable elements of social life; (2) It neglects or downplays the cultural and symbolic aspects of social life (because it emphasizes economics and class); (3) It tends to assume that power differences lead to conflict but differences do not necessarily provoke conflict. .. Symbolic Interactionism (Founders> Mead, Cooley) -- Examines people's everyday interactions and the processes through which they interpret and give meaning to one another's behavior. .. (Tell story of not knowing person's name/identity in grocery store -- illustrates what happens when we don't know the "meaning" of someone -- we don't know how to act.
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Unformatted text preview: ..) 3 key assumptions of SI: 1) People act toward things based on the meanings they give to those things. 2) People give meanings to things based on their ongoing interactions and negotiations with others. Meanings grow out of social relationships and they are continually negotiated. 3) As people's relationships change, the meanings they give to things change.-- Interactionists often focus on socialization processes, such as how people create and sustain culture, develop a self, play roles, negotiate identities, and communicate with each other. Emphases : Interactionists stress the importance of language as the basis of social life. They also focus on the processes of interaction through which society is constructed and sustained....
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