Marital and Family Breakdown

Marital and Family Breakdown - Marital and Family Breakdown...

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Marital and Family Breakdown – Discuss changes occurring in family forms; Also note that the most rapidly increasing family forms are the female-headed, single parent family and the blended family. .. Well, let’s look next at some of the problems experienced within families in America Abuse and Violence ** Ask class members to define and discuss "What is Abuse?" List components of definition and/or examples on the board. .. ** Discuss dimensions of abuse > may be direct or physical or it may take more indirect forms such as oppression, intimidation, exploitation and neglect > Stress that severe neglect can be the worst form of abuse. .. (e.g., have most long-term and damaging effects) Basic Components of Abuse (Virtually all forms) 1) Power -- differential levels of power b/t those involved in the behavior 2) Competition - use ex. drawn from "Mommie Dearest" movie -- Mother never let the daughter win when they swam together. .. Nurturing parents often allow their children to win to build the children's self-esteem, confidence, etc. 3) Demoralization - Abuse often characterized by humiliation of other; systematic
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