Marriage License as a Hitting License

Marriage License as a Hitting License - appealing traits of...

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Marriage License as a Hitting License -- Note prevalence of violence in intimate relationships (1 of 5 families, 30-40% of college students in dating relationships) -- Prevalence of violence in Marriages> Show graphs re: Extent of Spouse .. -- Emphasize that abuse is often mutual -- i.e., engaged in by both partners in a realtionship. .. In fact, more physical attacks are initiated by women (refer to graph) BUT battering is typically far more severe when done by men. .. Discuss why it is important to give first attention to wives as victims of battering in construction of social policy. .. C. Why Do Women Stay in Violent Relationships? **Ask students to identify major reasons: a. Economic dependence b. Belief that the abuser will change; Related notion -- Salvation ethic -- focus on
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Unformatted text preview: appealing traits of the "real man" who they can save from being destroyed by addiction, etc. Wife assumes responsibility for helping overcome his problems. .. c. Fear they will have no place to go; Most shelters for battered women won’t accept children. d. Fear of losing out financially and in child custody in any divorce settlement b/c their husbands control the family finances and can hire good attorneys e. Appeal to higher loyalties -- involves "putting up with" violence for the sake of some higher commitment, religious or traditional. E.g., commitment to service of husband or to maintaining an intact nuclear family at all costs. .. f. Fear of leaving relationship b/c this does not guarantee the violence will end; to the contrary, it often triggers more serious or even fatal violence....
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