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Marriage Myths - families may have to adjust to their...

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Marriage Myths - ** Ask the class to take the Marriage Quiz -- Discuss the 12 items selected and common responses The Marital Life Cycle (Enduring M-c Marriages w/ Children) 1) Beginning Marriages - Experience the highest level of marital satisfaction- Key issues include negotiating role expectations and establishing boundaries with families of orientation... 2) Youthful Marriages - Key issues include adjustment to the arrival of children (alters couple's emotional and sexual rel'ps, social outings, etc.)- Conflicts often arise about childcare responsibilities and parental roles; Wives are likely to experience conflict between commitment to career vs. parenting... Men tend to feel the limits of their occupational success (or lack thereof)... 3) Middle-aged Marriages - Couples experience the lowest level of satisfaction when the oldest child reaches adolescence> increased conflicts occur over issues of autonomy, tidiness, communication and responsibility... As children become adults,
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Unformatted text preview: families may have to adjust to their absence from and then return to the home - Adult children living at home may provoke resentment and conflict over rules, schedules, etc. – During their late 40s and early 50s, a married couple often reaches their financial peak - this lessens economic strains and conflicts. .. However, they face emotional adjustments in opening up the family to new members (in-laws) and in caring for their parents. .. Sociologists refer to the latter problem as the filial crisis- it is usually experienced most keenly by women ... 4) Aging Marriages - Marital satisfaction again rises - Key issues include adjusting to retirement, role change and role loss; negotiating involvements with children and grandchildren; and struggle with fears of illness, death and sexual failure. .. As they age, the couple also faces the problem of isolation> results from the loss of family and friends and leads to a closing in of boundaries and involvements. .....
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