Marx Alienated Labour

Marx Alienated Labour - Marx Alienated Labour 1. Previously...

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Marx Alienated Labour 1. Previously in the manuscript. ... using premises of political economy (PE), that is, the economic and political theories of the day, we showed: o worker becomes a commodity as his (sic) labour is bought and sold o competition »» accumulation and concentration of capital o we end up with a two class society : capitalist/owners and propertyless workers 2. Problem with PE is that it does not question its assumptions. It shows how private property is processed by the system but it takes these things as natural laws (in the sense that this is the only way it could be). PE looks at the system from the perspective of the owners of capital without even realizing that perspective matters. The downsides of capitalism are treated as incidental rather than being analyzed as necessary results of the system. 3. PE doesn't see connections and so is comfortable with false oppositions (competition - monopoly, craft-liberty vs. corporation (read "factory"?), division of land vs. landed estate (read "lots of small landowners vs. large assembled parcels"?)). PE comfortably sets these apart as "old ways vs. new ways" without seeing their historical connections. 4. We need to see connections betwen private property and avarice, etc. Among the things we'll see relationships: o private property o avarice o separation of labour, capital, and landed property o exchange and competition o value and the devaluation of humans Ulimately its about connections between estrangement and money system! 5. PE assumes as fact what it is supposed to explain, that is, the connections between things like division of labour and exchange. 6. We are positivists. We start from a fact. 7. "The worker becomes all the poorer the more wealth he produces, the more his production increases in power and range" (71.7). Labour produces commodities, itself as a commodity, and the worker as a commodity. 8. Labour is human creativity. When labour produces an object it is externalized. What is in our hearts/heads becomes an object out there in the world ("congealed in an object"). It becomes separated from us. Alien. The product of my subjectivity becomes an object. o
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Marx Alienated Labour - Marx Alienated Labour 1. Previously...

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