Note - social system over earlier systems (slavery,...

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Note: The commodification of cultural and service activities: birthday parties (you can buy a birthday party); the commodification of dating (you can buy a date selection), what is next? The commodification of finding a friend, say for a few days, or a couple of weeks? The commodification of services is enhanced in advanced capitalist societies into the service economy. The service economy may be very active/profitable because there is much demand for services, since service is a nondurable good that is immediately consumed (production = consumption). ********** Marx viewed the capitalist system as a much improved
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Unformatted text preview: social system over earlier systems (slavery, feudalism) but a system that still had many problems, namely: capitalists are always seeking to impose wor-under capital's control--in order to create surplus value and accumulate captial (very descriptive of early capitalism) capitalist work is alienating to workers-workers are separated from their natural condition ("species being"); in the factories workers have no control, produce things that don't belong to them and behave like machines employers attempt to keep wages low and maintain poor working conditions in order to make a more profit...
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