Observations concerning social statuses

Observations concerning social statuses - Groups(frequent...

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Observations concerning social statuses: 1) status often assigned to whole family; 2) migration promotes achieved status Roles (set of norms and values that define the expected behavior in a social position)-traditional roles concerning gender, religion, artisan and/or peasant occupations; marriage broker role Role change-migration is affecting traditional roles in a contradictory ways in the municipio; traditional roles greatly affected in the United states(attempts to keep roles anchored back home) Role stress-migrants feel stressed because they cannot carry out traditional roles back home; wives left behind also feel role stress because they have more difficult roles to perform Role conflict-demands of new "modern" roles conflict with demands of traditional role; role conflict may be particularly hard on youth (role conflict among ethnics in multicultural environments)
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Unformatted text preview: Groups (frequent structured interaction, common purpose/goals and identity) • Religious groups in the municipio and Houston • Soccer teams • Americanized youth group (western clothes, play basketball, into rock music, higher education, town residency) • New gangs (deported gang members from United states) Formal organizations (groups with specific goals and explicit/written rules and regulations) • Health clinic • Alcohol Anonymous chapters • Civic association • Civil defense patrols • Local political parties • Schools Informal organizations • Courier businesses • Smuggling business • Musical businesses (sound systems for celebrations) Social Institutions (long term practices involving groups/organization that provide structure in social life-religious, governmental, educational, etc.) • Religious institutions • Soccer organizations...
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Observations concerning social statuses - Groups(frequent...

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