Population - Social Reproductions-the continuous remaking...

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Population, Society, and Social Structure Population-The collection(aggregate) of people who inhabit a place Population characteristics: birth rates, sex-ration, age at marriage, fertility, migration, mortality Society-collection of people that is self-sustaining, has long duration, and shares a way of life; a population and its social organization and all that this implies; the social system Ethnomethodologists argue that there is no such thing as a society -people define their own "society" Social Structure-interrelationships among roles, groups, institutions, social classes, and global economic regions.
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Unformatted text preview: Social Reproductions-the continuous remaking of society; requires constant interaction between population and social structure Elements of Social Structure Statuses Roles Groups Organizations Institutions Social Structure of San Cristobal Totonicapan Ascribed status (status given to you at birth and during life cycle stages): "Indian", gender, life-cycle stages Achieved status (status you gain through personal efforts): resources you own (land and animals, cortes for women); town/village residence; educational level (" licenciado "); travel guide(smuggler)...
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Population - Social Reproductions-the continuous remaking...

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