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Proletarians and Communists

Proletarians and Communists - 1 Communists vis a vis...

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Proletarians and Communists 1. Communists vis a vis proletariat — an avant garde, section that keeps common, cross- national interests of workers in sight. Aim of Communists same as proletariat. Form latter into a party, overthrow bourgeois society. Goal does not include abolition of property per se but of the bourgeois private property of appropriation based on class antagonism. 2. Important to distinguish "self earned" property from private property. Former OK but it is destroyed by capitalism. Wage labour does not create property for the worker. It produces capital for the owner. Property in this sense is based on opposition of worker and capitalist. 3. Capitalist is a social status. 4. It takes united actions of many to produce capital. It is a social product. Converting it into social property is NOT, therefore, a conversion of personal to social property. Rather the social character of the property loses its class character (485.4). 5. Under bourgeois capitalism, workers are kept alive only for the purpose of creating capital which does not belong to them: o "In bourgeois society, living labour is but a means to increase accumulated labour. In Communist society, accumulated labour is but a means to widen, to enrich,
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