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RELIGIO1 - crucifix has become the dominant symbol 3...

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"RELIGION" Mcgee's major types of religion are: 1, Simple supernaturalism is a rather vague belief in a "general" supernatural force that influences the natural world. The belief in "luck". 2. Animism is a religious belief in functioning spirits that operate in the natural world an cause things to happen or, in some instances, not to happen. 3. Theism is a religious belief system that directs its principle belief towards a supreme being or beings. 4. Transcendent idealism is a religious belief system that focuses upon ideas as opposed to beings such as spirits or gods. THE MAJOR FEATURES OF RELIGION 1 . Belief Commonly religious beliefs include, belief in a deity or deities, miracles, spirits, and life after death. 2 . Symbols are things that stand for or represent something else. Within Christian the
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Unformatted text preview: crucifix has become the dominant symbol. 3 . Rituals In contemporary Christianity common rituals would be baptisms, weddings, funerals etc. THE FUNCTIONS OF RELIGION 1. Providing solutions for unexplained natural, phenomena. 2. Supplying a means for controlling the natural world. 3. Religion tends to support the normative structure of the society. 4. Furnishing a psychological diversion from unwanted life situations. 5. Sustaining the existing class structure. 6. Religion serves as an instrument of socialization. 7. Religion suppports other social institutions. 8. Religin may both promote and retard social change. 9. Religion may both reduce and encourage conflict in groups....
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