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"SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS" A social institution may be defined as an organizational system which functions to satisfy basic social needs by providing an ordered framework linking the individual to the larger culture. THE BASIC INSTITUTIONS FAMILY RELIGION GOVERNMENT EDCATION ECONOMICS GENERAL FUCTIONS OF SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS 1. Institution Satisfy the Basic Needs of Society. 2. Institution Define Dominant Social Values. "Bill of Rights" 3. Institutions Establish Permanent Patterns of Social Behavior Monogamy 4. Institutions Support Other Institutions. "Adultery". 5. Institutions Provide Roles for Individuals . Husband and Wife. SPECIFIC FUNCTIONS OF INDIVIDUAL INSTITUTIONS THE SPECIFIC FUNCTIONS OF THE FAMILY 1. The control and regulation of sexual behavior. 2. To provide for new members of society (children). 3. To provide for the economic and emotional maintenace of individuals. 4. To provide for primary socialization of children. THE SPECIFIC FUNCTIONOF RELIGION
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