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Social Mobility - SocialMobility (stratum)toanotherin , .It...

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Social Mobility In many societies individuals or groups can move from one level (stratum) to another in  the stratification system, a process called  social mobility. Forms of Social Mobility.  Social mobility takes a number of forms. It  may be   vertical   or   horizontal   and   intergenerational   or   intragenerational.  When   sociologists   talk   about   social   mobility,   they   usually   mean  intergenerational occupational mobility. Social   Mobility   and   Status   Attainment. More   Americans   are   upwardly   mobile   than   downwardly   mobile   across  generations.   Sociologists   study   the   course   of   an   individual's   occupational  status   over   the   life   cycle   by   looking   at   the   socioeconomic   life   cycle.  Education has the greatest influence on occupational attainment for white men. 
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