Social Stratification

Social Stratification - important societal resources such...

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Social Stratification (continued) The Concept of Social Stratification Stratification (def.): divisions and distinctions of groups based on status differences and/or control of basic resources stratification involves structured inequality associated with group membership stratification also involves ideology that supports the system of stratification Stratification is very much about one's life chances for a good quality of life Social stratification vs. social differentiation Major criteria for stratification: authority power (political, economic, military) ownership of the means of production (factories, land, etc.) income (amount, type, sources) consumption patterns and life style (the rich and famous) occupation/skill education divinity (control over the supernatural)
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altruism/public service/morality place in "high society" associational ties ethnicity/ race Max Weber's concept of "life chances": Life chances: the extent to which individuals have access to
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Unformatted text preview: important societal resources, such as food, clothing, shelter, education, and health care. Classical perspectives on social class stratification Karl Marx: Relations to the means of production • The economic system of capitalism has two central classes: • capitalist/bourgeoisie--those who own or control the means of production (land, factories, transportation sources, banks, etc.) • working class/proletariat-those who survive by selling their labor power (capacity to work) to owners • The goal in capitalist system is the creation of surplus value for the accumulation of capital • surplus value-the difference between what workers are paid and the value of what they produce • capital accumulation-for capitalism to prosper it must keep expending (looking for new investment opportunities, looking for new labor markets, for new markets to sell commodities, for new activities to capitalize, i.e., turn into a commodity form) **********...
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Social Stratification - important societal resources such...

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