Socialist and Communist Literature

Socialist and Communist Literature -...

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Socialist and Communist Literature 1. Reactionary Socialism 2. Feudal Socialism o Leftover feudal aristocrats decry bourgeoisie "in name of worker" essentially saying "think of how pleasant it was in the old days when we were in charge and you worked on our manors." Their big complaint with the bourgeoisie is not that it creates a proletariat but that it creates a revolutionary class. Their biggest fear is serious rabble rousing that will disturb their place in society. Cf. Some supporters of Thatherite conservatives in 1980s UK. Scary thing is that even as they talk about what bourgeoisie is doing they join right in on the oppressive and coercive control of the working classes. (491-2) 3. Petty-Bourgeois Socialism o This is the class of the small business person. The petty-bourgeois socialists correctly analyzed much of the workers position, but their goals are generally to go back to the way it used to be. Thus, these would be the small business persons who want to rescue the masses from globalization and industrialization by returning to small town America. They are both reactionary and utopian. It's an unrealistic stance and is usually overcome by circumstances.
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Socialist and Communist Literature -...

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