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Sociological Methods Sociologists use a number of strategies, or methods, for systematically carrying out research. Each of these methods has some strengths and weaknesses. .. What are some of the methods sociologists use? ** After they identify, ask them what each one refers to. .. E.g.: Survey -- a research method in which subjects respond to a series of statements or questions in a questionnaire or interview. .. Various types -- mail, face to face, and interview. Lab Experiment -- narrow down your investigation to a carefully controlled measurement of the relationship between a few key variables > Refer to Milgram experiment which will be shown in a couple of weeks. .. Field Experiments -- intentionally change or interfere with a setting in order to see how people respond> E.g., In one study conducted in the early 70s, 15 college students put bumper stickers on their cars that supported radical organizations (such as the Black Panthers) -- None had received a ticket in the previous year but, after
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