Sociology and the Sociological Imagination

Sociology and the Sociological Imagination - Sociology and...

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Sociology and the Sociological Imagination What is Sociology? The systematic study of human society and social interaction. Sociological imagination - quality of mind that allows one to grasp the relationship between the individual and society; and to understand the connection of personal, everyday life experiences to larger social processes and structural changes. .. ** Allows one to connect personal troubles with larger social forces and to understand them as public issues ... E.g., problem of divorce > Ask how many know someone who is divorced; ask them common explanations for why divorces occur. .. -- Most people talk about their divorce in personal terms-- e.g., they ask "where did I go wrong?" or they focus on their money problems, comm'n probs, their partner's bad traits, or their own need to "find out who they really are." Their solutions in turn focus on individual adjustments -- e.g., putting less emphasis on money, working fewer hours, talking more, etc. -- We rarely hear divorced people (or people in general) talk about the fact that the
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