The Social Construction of Sexuality

The Social Construction of Sexuality - The Social...

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The Social Construction of Sexuality -- Highlight Foucault's argument re: sexuality -- no urge is more socially shaped. .. -- Reiterate how sociologists view sexuality as a socially shaped and learned phenomenon rather than a "natural" or "instinctive" one > Again highlight the cultural variations that exist in regard to sexual expression and conduct. .. As noted in the text, some cultures believe sex should only be engaged in outdoors while others insist that it take place indoors; some cultures believe sex should only take place during daytime hours while others think should only take place at night. .. Moreover, a few cultures (e.g., New Guinea tribes) forbid sexual relations between men and women for over 9 months out of the year. .. -- In addition to varying cross-culturally, sexual conduct has also changed significantly within our nation over time (Note the changes which have occurred regarding premarital sex). .. -- Most importantly, these variations and changes in sexual conduct indicate that
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