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THE SOCIAL MEANINGS OF SEXUALITY I. The Social Meanings of Sexuality Wrap up re: Sexual Euphemisms Exercise – Three basic meanings that we can derive from words we use re: sex 1) Sex is of prime importance to us -- That is why we have so many words that refer to it. .. 2) Sex is repressed -- it is important but shrouded in secrecy, associated with dirt, impurity, etc. 3) Many gradations of meaning are attached to sex -- sex has many varying meanings> varies by gender, context, etc. > E.g., some terms suggest fun and
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Unformatted text preview: recreation, some suggest intimacy, others reflect aggression and violence. .. II. What is sex?-- Well, we've talked about euphemisms for sex and why they're important, let's talk next about what "sex" is. .. I.e., what are we referring to when we use the term "sex?" ** Is sex only limited to specific acts like intercourse? Why or why not? What makes an act sexual in nature? Stress parameters of sex are unlimited > varies by group. .....
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