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Theorizing/ Thinking Sociologically -- Allude to "facts" shared during earlier quiz > Discuss w/ Class how facts do NOT speak for themselves. .. "Facts" have to be interpreted in terms of a theory. .. We rely upon theories to make sense of "facts/reality" ** Let's talk about how sociologists construct theories A. The Research Wheel -- Phases of Theorizing 1) Stating/Defining the Problem -- Choose issue/question to investigate drawing upon personal experience or commonsense observation; (often begin by simply "looking around" and wondering why something exists or is happening; Next you might review related research of others) -- If a good deal of research has been conducted, may develop a hypothesis to be tested. .. ** What is a hypothesis? If A, then B. .. E.g., If people have less education, they are more likely to be poor. .. ** Discuss EXAMPLE w/ students > E.g., Why do people go to college? To UNI? 2) Gathering Data -- Discuss Variables -- Independent (proposed cause) vs. dependent (proposed effect)
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Unformatted text preview: -- Choose a particular sampling procedure and related methods of how to collect data. .. 3) Analyze Data and Identify Patterns -- May note correlations (or relationships) between factors such as race, social class, or religious beliefs and choices re: college attendance. .. ** Caution about difference b/t correlation and causation E.g., Studies have demonstrated that rates of violent crime go up as the sale of ice cream also increases. This is a positive correlation, but should we conclude that eating ice cream causes people to get violent and commit crime?. .. (This could really simplify the Crime Bill!) Well, as it turns out, this positive correlation is explained by a third variable that's not so apparent at first. .. That is, if we take a closer look, we see that warm weather will lead to more ice cream being sold, but it will also lead more people to be out in public places and thus increase the opportunity for violent crime to occur. .....
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