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Type of social status

Type of social status - means of production Proletariat The...

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Type of social status: Ascibed Status - The social class position allocated to an individual by society as a result of factors over which the individual has no control (Ex. sex, race, family background.) Achieved Status - The social class position which an individual acquires as a result of his/her own activities. (Ex.education, occupation.) Societies and Stratification Systems: Caste Society - Closed social classes; ascribed status only; no vertial mobility; horizontal mobility; no achieved status. Mixed Society - Ascribed status and achieved status; vertical and horizontal mobility. Open Class Society - Achieved status only; no ascribed status; vertical and horizontal mobility. Karl Marx - Viewed history as a "Class Struggle": Bourgeoisie - The social class made up of a small group of individualswho own the
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Unformatted text preview: means of production. Proletariat - The social class made up of the masses or workers who must sell their own labor in order to survive. Power Elite- A concept developed primarily by the sociologist "C. Wright Mills." The term refers to a small number of individuals who possess extreme amounts of power and make decisions which effect an entire culture. Thorestein Veblen - A sociologist who wrote extensivelyabout upper class in the U.S. His best known work, "The Theory of The Leisure Class," was published in 1899. Conspicuous Consumption- A concept developed by "Thorestein Veblen" which refers to the practice of using wealth to purchase things to show others you have wealth....
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