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A summary of Parmenides - there is such a thing as...

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A summary of Parmenides’ views a. He makes some basic assumptions about thought and existence : 1. x can be thought about iff x can exist. 2. if x does not exist, then x cannot exist. b. From these basic assumptions, he derives his central thesis : It is impossible to talk or think about what does not actually exist. c. From this central thesis, he derives several important corollaries that fly in the face of common sense: There is no such thing as: generation and destruction, motion, change, qualitative difference, plurality. d. The argument for these corollaries is that anyone who tries to assert that
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Unformatted text preview: there is such a thing as change (etc.) is reduced to attempting to talk about what does not exist. A summary of Parmenides’ errors a. He thought that what does not exist could not exist (possibly confusing this idea with the truism that, necessarily, if something does not exist then it does not exist). b. He thought that denials of existence are impossible (i.e., they cannot be both meaningful and true). c. He thought that all denials, all “is not”s, are denials of existence....
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