The Heavenly Bodies

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The Heavenly Bodies Plato’s account includes the origin of the stars and planets - “to set limits to and stand guard over the numbers of time” (38c) - which we will skip over here. Human Beings: Souls, Bodies, and their Parts Four kinds of living creature (39e-40b) 1. Heavenly gods 2. Winged things 3. Water creatures 4. Land creatures Human soul (40d-44d) 1. Creation and destruction of the gods (40d-41a) 2. Demiurge instructs gods to make mortals (41a-d)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Human souls manufactured o Made of leftovers from manufacture of world-soul, but of a lower grade of purity (41d). o Each soul assigned to a star (41e). o Death: a just soul returns to its companion star, an unjust soul is reincarnated for a second try (42b-c). Human body (44d-47e) 1. Head and limbs (44d-45b) 2. Eyes and vision (45b-46a) 3. Purposes of seeing and hearing (46c-47e)...
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