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Two fundamental relations Aristotle distinguishes two fundamental relations: being SAID OF a subject and being PRESENT IN a subject. These correspond, respectively, to the notions (that Aristotle later develops) of essential and accidental predication, and they cut across all ten categories. a. SAID OF a subject o This is a relation of fundamental ontological classification . It is the relation between a kind and a thing that falls under it. o It is a transitive relation (i.e., if x is SAID OF y and y is SAID OF z , it follows that x is SAID OF z ). o Its relata belong to the same category . A universal in a given category is SAID OF the lower-level universals and individuals that fall under it. o What is SAID OF a subject is essential to that subject. Examples: o Man is SAID OF Socrates. o Animal is SAID OF man. o (Hence) animal is SAID OF Socrates. o White is SAID OF this (particular) color. o
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