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Where to find the doctrine in Aristotle’s texts 1. In RAGP: Phys . II.3; and (extensively) in Metaph . A.3 ff. See also Part. An . 639b12ff 2. Additionally (not in RAGP): APo . II.11; Metaph . .2; Gen. et Corr. 335a28-336a12. The traditional picture The picture is Aristotle’s, but the names of the causes are not. Quotations from Physics II.3, 194b24 ff: 1. Material cause: “that from which, <as a constituent> present in it, a thing comes to be … e.g., the bronze and silver, and their genera, are causes of the statue and the bowl.” 2. Formal cause: “the form, i.e., the pattern … the form is the account of the essence … and the parts of the account.” 3. Efficient cause: “the source of the primary principle of change or stability,” e.g., the man who gives advice, the father (of the child). “The producer is a cause of the product, and the initiator of the change is a cause of what is changed.” 4. Final cause: “something’s end ( telos )—i.e., what it is for—is its cause, as health is <the
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