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3 Types of Prospective Monitoring Judgments

3 Types of Prospective Monitoring Judgments - • for...

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3 Types of Prospective Monitoring Judgments: 1. Ease-of-learning (EOL) judgments occur in advance of acquisition predictions about what info and strategies will be the easiest to learn 1. Judgments of learning (JOL) occur during or after acquisition predictions about future test performance on  currently recallable items 1. Feeling-of-knowing (FOK) judgments occur during or after acquisition judgments about a  currently unrecallable  item is known and/or will be  remembered on a later memory test
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Unformatted text preview: • for incorrectly or non-recalled items, FOK judgments are obtained by asking how likely Ss are to be able to identify the answer on a recognition test Research in Metacognition: Tip-of-the-Tongue (TOT) Phenomenon • Definition of TOT state: • information is available but not accessible from memory • usually parts of the information is accessible, but not enough to warrant a response • associated with FOK...
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