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5) Collect Data - although the book is a little redundant and does not differentiate well between this stage and selecting the design and method, data collection is simply the execution and implementation of your research design. 6) Analyze & Interpret the Data - use of statistical procedures to determine the mathematical and scientific importance (not the "actual" importance or meaningfulness) of the data. Were the differences between the groups/conditions large enough to be meaningful (not due to chance)? Then, you must indicate what those differences actually mean. ..discovery of the causes of behavior, cognition, and physiological processes. 7) Report/Communicate the Findings - Psychology is a science that is based on sharing - finding answers to questions is meaningless (to everyone except the scientist) unless that information can be shared with others. We do
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Unformatted text preview: this through publications in scientific journals, books, presentations, lectures, etc. B. Ways of Conducting Scientific Research 1) Naturalistic Observation- allow behavior to occur without interference or intervention by the researcher. we all do this (people watch) weaknesses: often not easy to observe without being intrusive. strengths: study behavior in real setting - not lab. 2) Case Study- in depth investigation of an individual's life, used to reconstruct major aspects of a person's life. Attempt to see what events led up to current situation. Usually involves: interview, observation, examine records, & psych. testing. weaknesses: very subjective. Like piecing together a puzzle, often there are gaps - relies on memory of the individual, medical records, etc. strengths: good for assessing psychological disorders - can see history and development....
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