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6) Physical Arousal - Once the mind-body connection has been made and the bodily changes occur, these changes are called physical arousal. 7) Physical Effects - Now the internal organs begin to be affected by the physical arousal. For example, increased heart rate, blood pressure, dilation of the pupils, etc., Sound familiar??? Like the Fight-or-flight response. 8) Disease - If the physical effects continue for a sustained period of time (this varies) the imbalance of functioning can result in disease. One or more organ can become exhausted and work inefficiently or not at all. At this point, we would say that the person has a psychosomatic disease. But, we give them a specific name:
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Unformatted text preview: PSYCHOGENIC DISEASE - physical disease that have a change in mental state as the major cause. Other diseases which may be influenced by stress/the mind, but do not have them as the MAJOR CAUSE are not psychogenic (e.g., cancer, diabetes, etc.). *this model is an EXACERBATION CYCLE - arousal, tension, and disease can breed further stress responses and thus become even more intense. For example, how would you respond if a doctor told you today that you have cancer?...
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