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1) genuineness - the therapist must be genuine and honest with the client. No "noble lies" (lying to the client for a "good" reason or to get the client to feel comfortable enough to open up). 2) unconditional positive regard - the therapist also needs to show that they are nonjudgmental & accepting of client. This does NOT mean that the therapist has to agree with everything the client says, only that the therapist indicates that he/she does not view the clients feelings, thoughts, and behaviors as wrong, bad, silly, etc. 3) empathy - the therapist needs to try and understand the client's world and client's point of view. Also it is not enough just to do this, the therapist must also be able to communicate this understanding to the client. For example, a therapist treating a physical abuser, may despise the actions of the client and have no personal experience with abuse, but the therapist must be able to try and understand the views of the client from the client's own perspective.
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Unformatted text preview: The therapist can't always view things from their own perspective or the client may feel that the therapist is judging them and looking down on them. e) Role of the Therapist: 1) rephrasing (paraphrasing), mirror, positive regard, acceptance - the therapist does not tell the client what is right or wrong, but tries to take what the client says and say it back to them in a slightly different, more clear and focused way. This does several things, such as showing the client that the therapist understands what the client is saying and feeling, and helps the client hear some of their own thoughts from someone else's mouth, which can have a clarifying effect. 2) Some of the phrases therapists use are: "I hear you saying. ..", "In other words. ..", "You feel that. .."....
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