31 - 2 factors that influence distance estimates in...

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semantic clustering bias: when two places seem semantically close, we believe they are  geographically close tendency to shift landmarks of the same cluster closer together  geographically Shape Estimates as Systematic Distortions 3 factors that influence shape estimates in cognitive maps: cognitive maps of Cambridge, England experimenters selected intersections where the streets come together at irregular  angles task: estimate the angle at which streets come together results: Ss estimated closer to 90 degrees than what the intersections really were 2. Curves and the symmetry heuristic 3. Spatial arrangement   Orientation / Relative Position Estimates as Systematic Distortions:
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Unformatted text preview: 2 factors that influence distance estimates in cognitive maps: 1. Rotation heuristic tendency remember things as more vertical or horizontal than they really are Which is farther east: San Diego or Reno? --> vertical Which is farther north: Seattle or Montreal? --> horizontal 2. Alignment heuristic tendency to remember things as more lined up than they really are tendency to line up the United States and Europe Which is farther north: Philadelphia or Rome? Conclusions about Cogntive Maps we store more "regular" representations than what is in the real world this helps us reduce the amount of material stored in memory...
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31 - 2 factors that influence distance estimates in...

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