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a - these memories actually False Memories When a repressed...

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a) FREUD referred to this as Repression - keeping distressing thoughts or feelings buried in the unconscious. (I am always amused when clinical Psychologists renounce Freud as a lunatic and then, in the same breath, talk about how meaningful and real repression is. They seem to forget who pioneered this area). BUT - can we actually intentionally forget something? Here is a quick HOMEWORK assignment - do whatever you must do to forget the number sequence 5-3-1. Try as hard as you can to forget it - do what you must, but forget the number sequence 5-3-1!! b) Today, Repressed Memories are a very hot topic, but how much can we trust repressed memories? How often are
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Unformatted text preview: these memories actually False Memories? When a repressed memory is remembered, we say it has been Recovered. A recovered memory can be defined as the emergence of a formerly repressed memory. 1. even Freud, who pioneered this area, had doubts about this: a. He was never able to confirm that childhood sexual traumas cause later adult pathology. b. Even he realized that not all recovered memories were accurate. Thus, it is possible that some or all of these memories are actually false memories....
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