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A1 - C Physique and Personality Somatotypes(body types...

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A. Hippocrates' view -- According to Hippocrates, temperament is determined by a person's level of 4 different body fluids, called humors . 1) Blood was associated with a cheerful, or sanguine temperament. 2) Phlegm assoc. with a calm, or phlegmatic temperament. 3) Black bile was associated with a depressed, or melancholic temperament. 4) Yellow bile was assoc. w/ an irritable, or choleric temperament. B. Phrenology and Physiognomy 1) Phrenology -- the study of bumps on the skull (believed in the 19th century to be associated with particular personality and intellectual characteristics). 2) Physiognomy -- the study of the face (based on the belief that personality was revealed by facial features.
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Unformatted text preview: C. Physique and Personality-- Somatotypes (body types) -- Constitutional theory of personality -- William Sheldon. According to this view, there is al ink between a person's body type and personality. 1) ectomorph-- thin, frail body; believed by Sheldon to reveal a shy, restrained, and introspective temperament called cerebrotonia. 2) mesomorph-- muscular, strong body; believed to display a bold, assertive, and energetic temperament called somatotonia . 3) endomorph-- large, soft body; believed to display a relaxed, sociable and easygoing temperament called viscerotonia ....
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