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Addiction II IRRATIONAL CHOICE MODELS Berridge Is withdrawal really the problem? Addictive behaviors happen before withdrawal can set in; and formerly addicted patients remain vulnerable to readdiction long after it has finished. Qualify the standard features list as follows: Tolerance: more is needed to have the same effect on pleasure (or at least its preconscious cause) Sensitization: less is needed to have the same effect on desire (or at least its preconscious cause) Incentive salience attribution: We have suggested that it is the process of incentive salience attribution that transforms the sensory features of ordinary stimuli or, more accurately, the neural and psychological representations of stimuli, so that they become especially salient stimuli, stimuli that “grab the attention”, that become especially attractive and wanted, thus eliciting approach and guiding behavior to the goal. (Robinson and Berridge ‘Incentive Sensitization and Addiction’, Addiction 2001)
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