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Adolescence - psychological characteristics This will be...

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Adolescence A. Characteristics: Occurs between the ages of approximately 11-22. There is usually some debate about the exact age range, but most agree that adolescence is correlated with the onset of puberty. This stage is often characterized as a state of Flux - intermediate zone between childhood and adulthood. The adolescent no longer wants to be w/mother or father all the time. Now has drive to become independent, search for own solutions and ideas, opinions, and beliefs. But, still not prepared to be self-supporting. Very confusing time - seek to answer one question "WHO AM I?" answered when an individual establishes their own sense of identity. This term, "Identity" is a major theme of adolescence. Identity - a total concept of self - this is a combination of physical, sexual, social, vocational, moral, ideological, and
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Unformatted text preview: psychological characteristics. This will be covered in more detail shortly. B. Why is adolescence so much more difficult than other stages??? 1) Rapid Physical Changes- often leads to self-image concerns. More than at other developmental stages, adolescents are concerned (often overwhelmingly so) with fitting in with others, looking a certain way, appearing "pretty" or "god looking", etc. In addition, the sense of identity is sometimes based on physical appearance at this stage in life. 2) Cognitive Changes- the use of introspection (this is new) and abstract reasoning to consider complex ideas and hypotheses can cause many, many problems. For example, "what happens if I don't look good? Are they going to dislike me because I am ugly?" 3) Career Concerns- desire to know who we will become often arises here....
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