ALL OF THIS IS CALLED - make the lights go on but a person...

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ALL OF THIS IS CALLED Psychophysics C) Psychophysics can be defined as, the study of how physical stimuli are translated into psychological experience . In order to measure these events, psychologists use THRESHOLDS. 1) Threshold - a dividing line between what has detectable energy and what does not. For example - many classrooms have automatic light sensors. When people have not been in a room for a while, the lights go out. However, once someone walks into the room, the lights go back on. For this to happen, the sensor has a threshold for motion that must be crossed before it turns the lights back on. So, dust floating in the room should not
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Unformatted text preview: make the lights go on, but a person walking in should. 2) Difference Threshold - the minimum amount of stimulus intensity change needed to produce a noticeable change. the greater the intensity (ex., weight) of a stimulus, the greater the change needed to produce a noticeable change. For example, when you pick up a 5 lb weight, and then a 10 pound weight, you can feel a big difference between the two. However, when you pick up 100 lbs, and then 105 lbs, it is much more difficult to feel the difference....
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