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ambiguous sentences - [Problem 2 different phrase...

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ambiguous sentences (1) Visiting relatives can be a nuisance. [2 different deep structures correspond to 2 different phrase structures] (2) The shooting of the hunters was terrible. [2 different deep structures, only 1 phrase structure--still ambiguous] [the shooting of the hunters] [was terrible] [Problem: if the phrase structure grammar is complete, then it should not generate an ambiguous  sentence] sentences with 1 deep structure and 2+ surface structures (3) The girl kissed the boy. (4) The boy was kissed by the girl.
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Unformatted text preview: [Problem: 2 different phrase structures, therefore 2 different sentences] • Transformational rules: • rules to convert the deep structure idea into a surface structure • by applying different transformations, we can form: • active declarative sentences • passive voice sentences • questions • negatives • future tense sentences • etc. • therefore, sentences (3) and (4) would differ only in their surface structures; one deep structure was merely transformed in two different fashions...
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