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Analytic Psychology -- Carl Jung Unlike the Psychosexual approach, the analytic approach de-emphasizes the sex motive 1) Personal Unconscious -- the individuals own unconscious mind. 2) Collective Unconscious -- the unconscious mind that is shared by all human beings and that contains archetypal images passed down from our prehistoric ancestors. 3) Archetypes -- inherited images which are passed down from our prehistoric ancestors and reveal themselves as universal symbols in art, dreams, and religion.
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Unformatted text preview: 4) Extrovert-- a person who tend to focus on the external world and people. People often associate being socially outgoing with extroversion, but that is a little too simplistic. Extroverts may be more outgoing in that they gain energy from the other people and the external environment, and usually prefer to be with others. 5) Introvert-- a person who is focused on (often preoccupied) with his or her private mental experiences, feelings, and thoughts....
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