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Another revision (C) X wants a more than b iff X is more pleased at the prospect of a happening (rather than b), than of b happening (rather than a). To be pleased at the prospect of something is (roughly) to imaginatively entertain it, and be pleased at that. One can imagine it from an impartial viewpoint. One can thus imagine a situation in which p obtains but one doesn’t believe that p (whereas one can’t believe that that there obtains a situation in which p obtains but one doesn’t believe that p). Does this help with the beauty queen example? Perhaps sometimes one can only get full imaginative acquaintance if one actually believes that it is going to happen. And in the beauty queen case the belief only comes at the moment that the desire is actually realized. That is still
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Unformatted text preview: getting clear on the prospect (unlike the question of how she feels a year later). An alternative response Watsons response distinguishes two aspects to desire. But there is an alternative response which trades on the distinction of intention from desire and belief. If intentions can be formed independently of ones desires and beliefs, then what is to stop someone forming an intention to act against their desires and beliefs? (NB this requires a strong separation thesis: intentions need not originate in beliefs and desires. Akrasia and Weakness of Will Traditionally the two are identified. But isnt weakness of will more to do with failing to follow through on ones intentions?...
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