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Confound - occurs when any other variable except the IV affects the DV (extraneous variable) in a systematic way. In this case, what is causing the effect on the DV? Unsure. Example - Vitamin X vs Vitamin Y. Group 1 run in morning, group 2 in afternoon. Do you see a problem with this? (I hope so) Many things may lead to confounds (here are just two examples): 5) Experimenter Bias - if the researcher (or anyone on the research team) acts differently towards those in one group it may influence participants' behaviors and thus alter the findings. This is usually not done on purpose, but just knowing what group a participant is in may be enough to change the way we behave toward our participants. 6) Participant Bias (Demand Characteristics) - participants may act in ways they believe correspond to what the researcher is looking for. Thus, the participant may not act in a natural way. 7). Types of Experimental Designs
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