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Consciousnes1 - with one exception This time try not to...

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Consciousness awareness we have of the outside world and of our perceptions, images, and feelings (Matlin) Consciousness and Cognition often assessed with verbal reports (Ericsson & Simon, 1993) but, not always complete (e.g. cannot verbalize process of pattern recognition)   Automaticity and Thought Suppression thought suppression: making a conscious effort to avoid a particular thought requires one to: plan to supress a thought carry out that plan by suppressing all manifestations of the thought, including the original plan therefore, thought suppression seems to involve a state of knowing and not knowing at the same time Wegner, Schneider, Carter, and White (1987) ---------- EXAMPLE ----------------- Don't think of a white bear. In the next five minutes, please verbalize your thoughts as you did before,
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Unformatted text preview: with one exception. This time, try not to think of a white bear. Every time you say �white bear� or have �white bear� come to mind, though, please ring the bell on the table before you. Results: • white bear mentions and bell rings almost always occurred when the subject finished a sentence and was silent Theoretical Conclusions: • controlled effort to not think of a white bear • automatic search for signs of a white bear • thought suppression is difficult to do and is time consuming • even when thoughts are supressed, they may return to consciousness with minimum prompting, perhaps to the point of obsessive preoccupations Practical Applicatons: • suppression of thought may lead to obsessive thinking over time • smoking, dieting, obsessive-compulsive disorder...
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Consciousnes1 - with one exception This time try not to...

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