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context and pattern recognition : THE MAN RAN reading sentence with ambiguous letters knowledge of the world (grammar, words, etc.) helped to identify the ambiguous letter FOR EXAMPLE, IT'S EASY TO READ THIS SENTENCE in reading, we probably don't identify all of the features in the letters this would require 5,000 feature detections per second instead, we can read most sentences well if only 1/2 of the letters are presented word superiority effect (Reicher, 1969; Wheeler, 1970) letters identified more rapidly within a word than in a string of unrelated
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Unformatted text preview: letters • brief presentation of D or WORD • immediately after, given a pair of alternatives and were asked to report what they saw D K or WOR D WOR K • if Ss saw words, they were more accurate in identification • therefore, Ss were more accurate in the context of a word than with letters alone, even though they had to process four letters in the word condition • PDP theoretical explanation in Matlin (1998) • similar pattern with words alone versus words in sentences (Rueckl & Oden, 1986) --> in Matlin...
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