Conversational Postulates and Rules

Conversational Postulates and Rules - 3a. Don't mislead --...

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Conversational Postulates and Rules 1. Cooperative principle: be sincere Make your contributions reasonable, given the agreed purpose of the conversation 2. Be relevant 2a. Don't say what others already know -- don't state the obvious 2b. Don't be superfluous -- don't say too much, don't be too informative 2c. Don't wander -- stick to the topic 3. Be informative Make your contributions as informative as possible or necessary.
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Unformatted text preview: 3a. Don't mislead -- don't say something you believe is false, or don't have the evidence for; don't overspecify 3b. Don't say more than you know 3c. Don't say less than you know 4. Manner and tone 4a. Be clear, easily understood 4b. Avoid obscurity, ambiguity 4c. Don't boast 4d. Be brief, orderly, polite...
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