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Criticisms of Flashbulb Memorie1

Criticisms of Flashbulb Memorie1 - year no one broadcasts...

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Criticisms of Flashbulb Memories: veridicality - cannot take accounts at face value as being accurate Neisser's (1982) erroneous flashbulb memory of Pearl Harbor: For many years I have remembered how I heard of the news of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which occurred on the day before my thirteenth birthday. I recall sitting in the living room of our house -- we only lived in that house for one year, but I remember it well -- listening to a baseball game on the radio. The game was interrupted by an announcement of the attack, and I rushed upstairs to tell my mother. This memory has been so clear for so long that I never confronted its inherent absurdity until last
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Unformatted text preview: year: no one broadcasts baseball games in December! • are memories accurate representations of what truly occurred, or are they a result of rehearsal? Are Autobiographical Memories "True"? • autobiographical memories may be accurate without being literal • autobiographical memories may represent personal meaning of an event at the expense of accuracy • accuracy of personal memories (Field, 1981): • .88 correlation for factual information among family members • .43 correlation for emotions and attitudes...
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