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Definition of Psychology

Definition of Psychology - the room What is it that causes...

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Definition of Psychology: Psychology is the study of behavior and cognition. Thus there are two major aspects of psychology: 1) Behavior - any observable activity. EXAMPLE - During a lecture, an instructor speaks to the class --- You (and all the other excellent students) pay attention. How does the instructor know that you are paying attention during a lecture? The instructor OBSERVES YOUR BEHAVIOR - your eyes are open and directed toward the instructor, you look alert, sitting upright, not sleeping, etc. These observable behaviors are indications that you are paying attention to the instructor. Here are a couple of questions for you to think about (the answers will come later as you become versed in Psychology): Is your behavior predictable? Why do students come into a classroom, sit down, and face the front of
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Unformatted text preview: the room? What is it that causes behavior - personality (they sit and are quiet because they are good people) or environmental forces (they sit and are quiet because it is a class room and that is how you behave in a classroom)? 2) Cognition - any mental process. EXAMPLE - As an instructor speaks his/her mind is doing many things very quickly. ..what should be said next, how should it be said, what order to say it in, etc. As you listen to the instructor, the information is carried to your brain which then decides to process that information, store it, label it, OR that it is unimportant and gets rid of it. All of these are cognitive processes. Can you name some other types of cognitive processes? Here are a few - problem solving, learning, forgetting, etc....
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