Development of Identity

Development of Identity - improving self-identity. Poor...

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Development of Identity 1) Erik Erikson (7 parts of identity - substages of Identity vs Identity/Role Confusion) a) Temporal Perspective VS Time Confusion -- gaining a true sense of time and the continuity of life. Needed to make plans for future. Usually occurs around ages 15-16. b) Self Certainty VS Self Consciousnes s -- use past experiences to gain self-confidence and realize that you can succeed in the future. Must go through a period of self-awareness & self-consciousness, during which the adolescent focuses on self-image both physically and socially to accomplish self-certainty. Very Crucial Time. c) Role Experimentation VS Role Fixation -- try out different roles, ideas, philosophies, etc to find own way of thinking and acting. d) Appreticeship VS Work Paralysis -- try out jobs to get insight into possible career. Jobs can be very important for
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Unformatted text preview: improving self-identity. Poor self-image can lead to failure at work, school, etc., and to one's own self opinion. e) Sexual Polarization VS Bisexual Confusion-- (criticized greatly for this stage) Searching for a sexual identity people now have to understand and accept their role as either a man or woman, and everything that comes with that role (reason for "Polarization"). f) Leadership & Followership VS Authority Confusion-- do we become leaders or followers, or do we not know our place in society. Demands from many places and people on the adolescent so now he must decide who to listen to - who is an authority figure. g) Idealogical Commitment VS Confusion of Values-- "search for fidelity" - find something/someone to believe in....
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