Evidence for Propositional Code

Evidence for Propositional Code - no Ss could do this task...

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Evidence for Propositional Code: Extracting Parts of Mental Image (Reed, 1974) decide whether or not a pattern was part of a previous stimulus that they would  have to image to decide Ss performed slightly above chance levels (55%) since Ss could not do this 55% of the time, Ss must not be storing the image as a  picture, but rather as a description DEMO show picture briefly and ask Ss to form a mental image of it; only enough time to  make one interpretation Ss were asked to give a second interpretation of the figure
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Unformatted text preview: no Ss could do this task Ss asked to draw the mental image of what they saw Ss able to make second interpretation only after they reproduced the drawing themselves verbal interpretation of mental image propositional code can dominate over analog code Conclusions: Complex or abstract mental images may resort to some sort of verbal labeling, unlike simple mental images both analog and propositional code seem to be at work in how we create mental images and how they are represented cognitively...
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